The Great Trek – Historical Africa


Historical Impression Original Painted By Julie A M Edwards

Title: “The Groot Trek” The Great Journey

Medium: Windsor Newton Professional Acrylique on cotton canvas, framed


Status: Lost

The pioneering treks into the remotest parts of the African continent by ox wagon and horseback, historically, always inspired me to set off on my own adventure and learn a little of the experience of what it was like in those early days to travel through the bush.

The history and old stories passed down through the generations creates a nostalgia for those early days. The challenge to walk with only what you carry and survive with what is around you in the veldt.

The Great Trek is a true story of adventure when in the early days pioneers set off from the Cape of Good Hope to venture into the interior of Africa in search of a better life. This was an enormous undertaking by brave folks who wanted an individual life.



Historical Impression Created By Julie A M Edwards

Title: “Forging Ahead”

Medium: Acylic on canvas

Statud: SOLD

These old stories and bravery of these extraordinary adventures that  continue to live on in our own personal families. My ancestors trekked by ox wagon and horseback across the great vastness of this incredible continent.

The painting impressions I created above are dedicated to those brave folk who went out where no one else would venture to start a new life.


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