Langebaan Lagoon


Calm Water

Calm Water

Langebaan Lagoon

Original Painting Impression By

Julie A M Edwards

Medium: French Sennelier Acrylique

on Fine Italian Linen Canvas

Size:  A3

Africa is such a diverse place, and here is another interesting spot of incredible beauty. In early spring the area transforms into a magical paradise of wild flowers right up to the shores of the Langebaan Lagoon. This is a haven for marine and birdlife where. They are protected in the reserve.

“West Coast National Park are the Langebaan Lagoon and the offshore islands in Saldanha Bay, which together form the Langebaan Ramsar site, a wetland of international importance.

The lagoon has a rich diversity of marine invertebrates and seaweeds and supports approximately 10% of the coastal wader population in South Africa. The offshore islands provide jimportant nesting areas for several red-listed seabird species.
The Langebaan Lagoon was proclaimed as a marine reserve in terms of the Sea Fisheries Act in 1973 and later in 1985, was proclaimed Langebaan National Park with the name later being changed to West Coast National Park.  It was on 25 April 1988 that the Langebaan Ramsar site was declared.” Source San


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