Hwange, Our Magnifcent Elephant Herds


“A Great Thirst”

Hwange Elephants

An Original Impression By Julie A M Edwards

Medium: Professional Windsor Newton Acrylique

on Cotton Canvas

Original Size: 1m 12cm X 72 cm

My first visit to the then Wankie Game Reserve, today known as Hwange National Park, was when I was a very tiny tot, we lived in the bush south East of the border of the Park.

Hwange continued to be a favorite safaris spot throughout my life and in my mid thirties I came to live in the park  with bedroll in hand and took up a position working as a Professional Guide. I had undertaken a six year apprenticeship in the parks estates of Zimbabwe.

It was a daily occurrence to spend the day with several herds of more than a hundred elephant at a time all gathering round the waterhole, relieving their thirst in the dry African sun. In very dry years these numbers would increase to a thousand elephant a day and surrounded me, often a bush traffic jam.

The great herds of Africa’s elephants unfortunately are being plundered and their very survival depends on us as custodians to protect their home ranges from poaching. If we don’t protect them these home ranges and the elephants these incredible Pachyderms will be gone forever.

Please support African Elephant Conservation

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