Cape Dutch Homesteads!


“Reflecting The Past”

A Historical Impression

Original Painted By Julie A M Edwards

Medium: French Sennelier Acrylique

on Fine Italian Linen Canvas

Size:  A3

These gabled houses are reflective of the past when settlers immigrating to Africa brought with them their traditional Architecture.

“Cape Dutch architecture is a traditional Afrikaner architectural style found mostly in the Western Cape of South Africa. The style was prominent in the early days (17th century) of the Cape Colony, and the name derives from the fact that the initial settlers of the Cape were primarily Dutch. The style has roots in medieval Netherlands, Germany, France and Indonesia.” (Source: Wikkipedia)

 Cape Dutch buildings, many of which have been lost to modern development, however, there are still many preserved. Nestled away in a remote spot in Zimbabwe, I drew some inspiration for this painting from Enkeldoorn, now referred as Chivhu, which was a predominantly Afrikaans Settlement. Generations of our families both English and Afrikaans farmed this region along the banks of the Umnathti River.

This scene is etched in my mind. What more can I say!

May our history never be lost!


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