The Boer War



Historical Impression Original Painted By Julie A M Edwards

Title: “The Boer War”

Medium: Windsor Newton Professional Acrylique

Size: A4

Status: SOLD

History is part of each of us and I have a great interest in the history of Africa which lead me to create this painting.

The Boer War was one such horrific time especially for the Boer farmers whose homesteads were burned to the ground and families placed into concentration camps under horrific conditions. Prisoners were shipped off to remote islands far from their homeland barely surviving the cruelty. These stories were passed down through generation and much of it has been forgotten about. I wanted to remind ourselves of this period of time.

This painting impression simply shows a stand against a British camp. It’s dusk and rain has fallen and an attack is launched on the British, you will see the flags of both sides, just as the last light catches the outlines of men making a stand from a kopje.

It was very difficult to create this painting and I just tried to create an impression from the Boer Farmers perspective who just wanted their freedom!

The Boer War initially began when conflict arose between the British colonizers and the Boers from the Transvaal Republic and Orange Free State. Diamonds and gold had been discovered, The British took annexation of the Transvaal and were determined to expand the British Empire. The Boer opposed British rule in the Transvaal who had settled there long before having  trekked by oxen away from the Cape to search for a new free life!

I am am not here to delve into every fact, however what I am saying here is that many people did not understand the Boer War. There was a lot of unjust cruelty to many innocent people living in on the land.

This simple painting is my own  impression and I want people to remember the resilance of the Boers who we fighting for their freedom.

There are a number of very interesting films available on the subject that you can watch to learn more, as well as visit battle sites and museums.










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