Light Houses – South Africa


“Beacon of Light”

Inspiration Original Painted By

Julie A M Edwards

Medium: French Sennelier Acrylique

on Fine Italian Linen Canvas

Size: A3


Far away from the hustle and bustle of Cape Town up the western coast you will find remote beaches and beautiful open Veldt. A lovely time to visit this more isolated region is in October when all the wild flowers come into bloom. It’s really something to witness.

The inspiration for this painting was Because I take very long walks along the coast line and see very interesting historic spots and of course you find the lighthouses. Sea birds drift in the strong winds and the landscape in spring just fills with colour. It’s hard to imagine so many flowers. Come see for yourself it’s unbelievable. I waited a lifetime to finally see this magnificent bloom and it really is something to see.


A Bit On Lighthouses!

“Most lighthouses have been founded in the skeletons of ships and sailors lost to the cruelty of a darkened coast. Since 1500 AD more than 2000 vessels have been wrecked along the coast of South Africa and yet it took years of negotiation to raise awareness and funding before each beacon of light was built. Lighthouses were often located in remote, inhospitable places making them difficult to install and maintain as well as lonely for lighthouse keepers and their families. Today all 45 lighthouses are fully automated and only 12 are still manned by lighthouse keepers. Many are now used as novel tourist accommodation. Each lighthouse has a characteristic flashing code and Colour design.” (Source:- Coastal Care & Department of Couservation & Tourism)


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