The Artist


Julie A M Edwards



I  was born in Rhodesia, and served my country in conservation and the wildlife safari industry in Zimbabwe. I have always had a keen interest in art and wildlife since childhood, growing up in the African bush.

I studied art at school and then as an adult enrolled with an online FineArt School for a period, however, I am mainly self taught.

It is my life long passion for the National Parks of Africa that has encouraged this journey in art.  Exploring, studying wildlife on the plains of Africa. This interest was encouraged by my parents, my mother in particular, had a natural artistic talent.


I now paint simply from my own soul and utilize the years of observing nature in the wild, to apply these personnel impressions of this experience on to the canvas. This work provides joy in my soul. Painting is such an incredible thing to do, I simply love to paint, it makes me happy and I feel privileged to be able to do this work.


I have a deep concern for the plight and treatment of animals, the conservation of wildlife and preservation of the National Parks Estates.

My paintings are all dedicated to the memory of my late parents and the preservation of Africa’ s wildlife.



I say to you all….“Only when the animals’ silent spoors are no longer visible in the bush, will we one day realise it is too late” … We need to stop the illegal hunting of wildlife!

I have had several solo and gallery exhibitions within Southern Africa and continue to develop my art.

I invite you to view my online gallery of work with recent and current artworks on this site.




The highlight and great passion of my life is the opportunity to observe great herds of wildlife in their natural habitats. Of great concern is the tragic devastation of wildlife throughout the continent, through poaching. If it continues there will be no wildlife left remaining in the wild.



I have given everything I have to conservation and this includes my entire life’s  work dedicated to helping to preserve the parks and wildlife through active participation in conservation and Eco Tourism, privately guided safaris. During the course of my life I  have met with many people throughout the world including royalty, political and religious world leaders and international celebrities who in their way have supported Africa. My art is all I have left to give to the animals. I endeavor to paint them to the best of my ability in the hope people will be inspired to protect animals instead of plundering them for selfish gain!


Professional Timeline

Art Exhibitions – 2011 to current

Plains of Africa Safaris – 2005 to current

Hokoyo Wildlife Conservation – 2011 to current

Horse Trek, Trans Kalahari, Botswana – 2012

Official Book Launch, Hokoyo, Silent Spoors and Parting Blades – 2009

Book Of The Month, Country Life Magazine, Author of Hokoyo, Silent Spoors and Parting Blades – 2009

Plains of Africa Safaris, Tanzania, Botswana, Kenya, Zimbabwe, South Africa – 2005 to 2014

Rhino Girl Safaris – 2001 to 2004

Exploring Amazon Jungle, Alaska, Namibia – 2002 to 2004

Art Studies – 1998 to current

Zimbabwe Professional Guide – completed six year apprenticeship within the National Parks Estate – 1996 to 2001

Darwin Initiative UK Scholarship – Post Grad In Project Planning For Bio Diversity Conservation – 1994

Rife For Sudan – Horsetrek, 7 weeks, Community Conservation, Kasane to Kariba along the Zambezi and Lake Kariba Valley – 1991

Co Founder, Environment 2000 now Environment Africa – 1990

Rothmans International Communicator Of The Year – 1989

Spirit of Enterprise, Rolex International “Role of Honour List” For Conservation, “Ride for the Rhino Campaign” – 1987/88

Schweppes Award – For Outstanding Service to the Community – 1988

Zimbabwe Natural Resources Board “Gold Medal, The Highest Award For Conservation – 1988

Freedom of the City of Victoria Falls & Harare, “Ride for the Rhino”, Zimbabwe – 1988

Expedition by Cycle Ride, UK To Zimbabwe, Ride For The Rhino – 1987- 1989

Expedition by 4×4, To the Kalahari Bushman, Chobe and Okavango – 1986


Books / Author

Hokoyo, Silent Spoors & Parting Blades – 2009

Extinction Is Forever, The Inspiration Behind The Rhino Girls Story with Allan Munn and Charlene Hewat – 1990


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