An African Salt Pan – Moonlight Stormy Skies

Original Impression Painted By Julie A M Edwards

Title: Moonlight Stormy Skies

Medium: Professional Acylic on canvas


Staus: SOLD

Northern Namibia also has one of the largest salt pans thatĀ  extends for more than 120 Kim’s and mostly a dry lake bed forming part of the Kalahari basin. Etosha and its surrounds are protected as a National Park sanctuary, preserving habitat for wildlife.

Gemsbok, Oryx gazella, have their home ranges extending for much of the Kalahari including Etosha. These animals are perfectly adapted to survive in the desert and have the ability to withstand very hot conditions. They have a special maze of blood vessels that work as a cooling devise. Warm blood passes through the network of vessels and cooled through the nasal area.

The inspiration for this painting is obviously having spent much time observing these animals in the Kalahari. It’s a stormy moonlit night and the gemsbok are out on the pan. Sparring occurs near a small spring of water.

The painting is to create an atmosphere with different movement of both sky and animal. ItĀ just an impressionist painting nothing more to create an atmosphere on a stormy moonlit night.