Ngoni – Traditional Rural Life


Africa – Rural Life Impression Original Painted By Julie AM Edwards

Title: “Dawn At The Kraal”

Medium: Windsor Newton Acrylique on Cotton Canvas

Size: A3

Status: SOLD

The inspiration for this painting came while I was living in Zambia.

Cattle play a prominent role in the traditional rural life of this part of the world. Interestingly,  the cattle appeared smaller than normal in more arid regions. I imagine this is natures way of helping them to adapt. I.E less rainfall, less grazing availability.

“Dawn At The Kraal” is an impression I created. I included The herder driving his beautiful Ngoni cattle out his kraal at dawn to allow them to graze in the bush.

Working and and living remotely in these places allows one the opportunity to capture moments in time and create impressions that hopefully will be of interest and depict rural life in Africa, a traditional way of life slowly disappearing.